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Terms of Use

This website and all its content is owned and managedby Guangdong Techpool Bio-pharma Corporation (here in after referred to as the"Corporation"), and is protected by copyright law. Users may onlydownload information from this website for non-commercial and personalpurposes, but may not modify and/or reproduce the content thereof. Theinformation provided on this website is only applicable as general informationand for educational purposes. Some of the content is targeted at specific usergroups, namely the Corporation's employees, customers, shareholders, medicalpractitioners and the general public. Your access to and use of the informationon this website is subject to this Terms of Use. By assessing and using thiswebsite, you accept, without limitation or qualification, these terms andconditions set out in the Terms of Use thereto.

Website content

The Corporation will make every effort to post thelatest accurate information on this website, but makes no warranties or assumesno liability to its accuracy; timeliness and completeness. You are deemed tohave agreed to the Terms of Use, and are willing to bear relevant risksassociated with the content on this website. The Corporation disclaims allwarranties of any kind, express or imply, including any warranties ofmerchant ability for a particular purpose. The Corporation, this website andother parties involved in the design, production or publications of thiswebsite, which including but not limited to any, direct, incidental, indirect,or punitive damages. Such limitation includes any loss caused by computerviruses.

Medical information

This website may contain some general information regarding a variety ofmedical conditions and treatment. Such information is only provided as generalknowledge and, it cannot be substituted by the consultation with a physician orother qualified medical professionals. You cannot use the information containedherein for medical care problem or disease diagnosis. You must always consult aphysician or other qualified medical professionals for advice.


The Corporation respects the privacyof those who visit this website. The Corporation will only collect yourpersonal information, such as your name, address, telephone number or e-mailand so on, shall you voluntarily provide such information. The Corporation maycontact you, using known data; or from time to time refer to the informationyou provide, so as to better understand your needs and improve theCorporation's products and services. Unless being told otherwise when youprovide such information, the Corporation will not sell or transfer yourpersonal information provided to this website, to any third parties Meanwhile,unless there are legal, regulatory or governmental requirements which aremandatory, the Corporation will not provide your personal information to anythird parties. This website may record, by technical means, the number of timesthat this website is visited; each page is viewed, in addition to the URL's ofvendors which provide services to visitors to this websites.  

Non-confidential information

Non-confidential information refers to any information or othermaterials, such as questions, comments, suggestions and other similar contentthat you send to this website via email or other means through the Internet, orposted on this website. The Corporation and this website assumes no responsibilityto protect such information. The Corporation may, at its discretion, use any ofthe ideas, concepts, know-how or the methods contained in such information for anypurposes, which includes but not limited to product development, manufacturingand marketing.

Links to other sites

This website contains some links to other websites which are managed bythird parties. All links to third-party websites are solely for the convenienceof visitors to this website. Similarly, this website may also be accessedthrough other websites managed by third parties. All third-party websites are notwithin the remit of the Corporation. The Corporation makes no warranties orassumes no liability to the accuracy, timeliness and completeness ofinformation on those websites, nor is it liable for any loss or damage resultedfrom such information.


The trademarks, service marks, trade names, product packaging andproduct names contained in this website are protected both domestically andinternationally. Unless otherwise permitted, the use or misuse of thesetrademarks or other materials is strictly prohibited, and such behaviors mayinfringe copyright law, trademark law, criminal law, privacy protectionprovisions, as well as regulations and ordinances on publishing andcommunications.